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Non Alcoholic Wine Pregnancy

non alcoholic wine pregnancy

During pregnancy, women who develop gestational diabetes should ban light drinks from their diet. Indeed, their consumption favored children obesity.(non alcoholic wine pregnancy)

The daily consumption of sweetened beverages during pregnancy for women with gestational diabetes, would promote a higher body mass index and an increased risk of overweight and obesity at age 7, according to study results published in medical journal Int J Epidemiol.(non alcoholic wine pregnancy)


Researchers at Child Health National Institute (NICHD) in the United States followed 918 mother and child pairs during gestation weeks 12 and 30 and 6 and 18 months after delivery.

Throughout this study, participants were asked nutrition questionnaires and children’s body mass index and weight were calculated at birth at 5 and 12 months and 7 years. When children were 7, a follow-up questionnaire on child health and development was provided to parents.(non alcoholic wine pregnancy)

study results showed that about half (45.4%) of women reported consuming sweetened beverages with sweeteners during pregnancy.

The researchers found that mothers children who had drunk this refreshment type had a 60% increased risk of having a high birth weight, compared to those whose mothers had not drunk. This association was most pronounced among little boys than among girls.

At age of seven, mothers children who drank only water were protected from obesity risk. “However, drinking a light drink or a normal soda is the same and similarly influences the overweight or child obesity to seven years,”

Gestational diabetes affects between 2% and 6% of World womens. (non alcoholic wine pregnancy)

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