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Pregnancy Weight Gain Breakdown

Pregnancy Weight Gain Breakdown

Pregnancy Weight Gain Breakdown-Young mothers need to monitor their weight during pregnancy to reduce obesity risks.

Excess weight gain during pregnancy can have a lasting negative impact on the mother health and her baby. This new study published in the medical journal PLoS ONE concludes that for young mothers (women who gave birth between 15 and 24 ages ), pre-pregnancy body mass index and ethnicity might predict an obesity risk later in life.

Researchers at Michigan University in the United States analyzed the medical records of more than 1,000 women who gave birth between 15 and 24 ages. They looked at information about pregnancy and delivery of mothers, including BMI before pregnancy and mom’s weight gain during pregnancy. Follow-up interviews yielded additional information, such as health care and child care uses ; conflict between parents and domestic violence and child health.


study results showed that more than half (55%) of participants gained more weight than recommended during pregnancy and that women who were overweight or obese before pregnancy are at increased risk of gaining 3 times more weight when they are pregnant than women at normal weight.

With Pregnancy Weight Gain Breakdown researchers have noted that ethnicity can alter weight gain. Indeed, they observed that Hispanics are less likely to gain more weight than recommended.

“Physicians need to consider BMI before pregnancy, especially in younger mothers, as a powerful predictor of excessive weight gain during pregnancy and obesity later in life,” concludes Tammy Chang, a professor. Assistant in Family Medicine Department.

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